A faster way to have those bugs fixed

Every non-beta release of our software goes through a testing process - both automated and manual. However, due to the obvious variety and complexity of our customers' use cases, problems still happen. Unfortunately, there's no magical "Fix it" button, so every problem has to go through certain steps before we can fix it.

The key to having an issue resolved is reproducing it in our lab. If we don't have enough data to do this, we will most likely get back to you with questions.

So, here's what we usually ask for:

1. Try with latest product version. Try reproducing the problem with the latest stable release or with one of the newer beta-versions (if any). It is even better, if you can try the latest nightly build. Nightly builds are made automatically every night with the latest version of our code. This makes sure we won't be trying to repeat a problem that has been already fixed.

2. Submit detailed sequence of actions. There are 3 ways of doing this:


  • Provide a step-by-step way of reproducing the problem with one of our sample apps.
  • If our sample application doesn't fit for reproducing your problem, feel free to modify it or make a small custom app (make it as simple as possible).
  • If this doesn't work either, explain what you are doing in your app and provide code snippets.

3. Explain what you expected and what really happened. If you can provide screenshots or videos - perfect.

One more thing

Please keep the communication structured: start a separate case whenever a new problem comes in or when you have a new question. This will really help!