Medialooks shows VRec - a multi-channel video recording solution - at IBC2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands - September 12, 2015 - Medialooks is demonstrating a new version of VRec, the multi-channel video capture application, at the Stream Labs booth (7.G47).

VRec, an OEM version of Direct Take, is shown as a software/hardware bundle capable of recording 9 or more streams of DNxHD simultaneously and synchronously using the MH4LM video capture boards by Stream Labs. The product targets video production professionals who need to capture their material in sync with a straight-forward way to use it in post-production.

In addition to DNxHD, the software supports ProRes and GPU-powered H.264 and H.265. Each stream can be recorded into 2 or more different video formats. Accelerated, reverse, slow motion and frame-by-frame playback modes are designed to track capture quality while recording is still in progress.

The Stream Labs MH4LM is a 4-channel HD-SDI PCI Express video capture card with both analog and digital inputs available on the same connectors. "VRec is an opportunity for us to work with a hardware company more closely," - says Andrey Okunev, Medialooks CEO. - "It's also a way to demonstrate the power of our software development kits and video expertise to a wider audience."


Stream Labs, founded in 1991, develops and manufactures professional broadcast solutions ranging from video capture hardware to monitoring solutions and playout systems. The company has offices in the USA, Taiwan and Latvia.

Medialooks, founded in 2005, provides broadcast customers with a high-level software development kit to quickly build playout automation, virtual studio and video capture solutions. Customers include PlayBox Technology, Arvato Systems, Masterplay, Winjay, Etere, Axel Technology, Xeus Media and Wolftech.