A special offer from Stream Labs

Stream Labs designs and manufactures interesting cost-effective ingest boards with dual analogue and digital inputs. Their boards are seamlessly integrated with MFormats SDK, MPlatform SDK and Direct Take.

Since recently, all boards are manufactured at a new production facility in Latvia, which ensures proper production quality. Here is a couple of stories with customer feedback.

Today Stream Labs is running a special offer for those who want to quickly receive an ML4HM board for operation with our products (see MH4LM technical details). The board is available for $450 with free shipping to virtually any part of the world (Stream Labs keeps stock in the U.S. in Europe and in Taiwan). Shipping will be done in one business day with DHL Express services (usually received in 2 days). Payment will be processed via PayPal after filling up the form below.

If you have any questions or wish to order more boards - please get in touch with Stream Labs directly via info@stream-labs.com.

Order your MH4LM board!