New signaling server and SimpleWebRTC integration

We've made some notable improvements to our native WebRTC implementation on Windows.

New signaling server based on Signalmaster

  • Handles peers and messages management more effectively. 
  • More stable and better for production use (our original signaling server was good only for testing).
  • Supports SSL technology, which secures your connection and allows to get access to local video sources (like web cameras) right from the web page.
  • Supports rooms which allows you to separate and manage your connections more easily.
  • This signaling server is also provided with source codes and is ready for customization to fit your needs. 

SimpleWebRTC integration

  • Makes your web page code more simple. 
  • Eases the interaction with third party WebRTC sources  based on SimpleWebRTC. 

To migrate from basic implementation to this new one you need to: 

  • deploy the new signaling server (if you don't use our public one);
  • update your web page code;
  • update our application code.
See the updated documentation and refer to sample applications for details: