Medialooks features roadmap

Our plans and roadmap for the next 6 months. Minor features and issues are not mentioned here. This is being reviewed every month. 

In general, our work will be focused around the following areas:

  • New GPU-powered frame processing to increase performance on format conversion and video mixing.
  • HTML5-based onscreen graphics.
  • WebRTC improvements. Includes research on adding codec support, improving audio quality, etc.

Done recently:

  • New, HTML-based CG (with HTML5 support).
  • NVIDIA GPU-powered decoding of AVC and HEVC video.
  • Improved MXF playback support (we've added indexing for fast loading from network storage).
  • Closed captions support for Bluefish devices.

Our roadmap for the next 6 months (not in order of actual development):

  • Intel Quick Sync GPU-powered video decoding improvements.
  • Interfaces to work with encoders, decoders, muxers and splitters separately.
  • Update for MPEG TS UDP streaming in and streaming out with external components
  • SCTE-35 support for input and output.
  • Improved MXF playback support (AVID OP1Atom files support).
  • Hue, saturation and sharpness implementation (will be implemented via GPU).
  • WebRTC: CC support.
  • WebRTC: interlaced video support.
  • WebRTC: external video codecs support.

We do not guarantee that we implement all of the features above. This roadmap is subject to change (we will review it every month). But its a good way to check where we are on certain things.