Need help prepping quality content

Today businesses spend more and more time preparing quality content vs. spending their budget on advertising. We've also realised this at Medialooks, but we haven't approached this problem properly yet.

A good example is how our own customer consistently Nacsport blogs about their products and customers. For us this is even more important since our products are complex and often require clarifications and explanations.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who possesses the following qualities:

  • can write in beautiful English;
  • has a passion for writing and can explain complex things in simple ways;
  • loves video tech and, ideally, has expertise and experience in the area;
  • likes to code and is capable of understanding our frameworks.

So, we are looking for a developer who likes to write or a writer who likes to code.

Types of content and production process

There are several kinds of content we will ask you to work on:

Basically, there will be two approaches to producing content:

  • test, fix and improve content that comes out of the technical lab - here's a good example of a post that needs a lot of editing;
  • create content from scratch based on our request.

Anything else?

Yes. Ideally, we would like to find someone who can also initiate and support conversations with developers at places like Stack Overflow or the Blackmagic Forum.

Is this a full-time position?

Not at this time, no. We are looking for someone who can be contracted on a per-task basis.


Please send us an email to