New MFS filter: improved seeking quality, faster M-JPEG decoding and MPEG-DASH playback

Please welcome the new release of the Multi-Format Source DirectShow filter - our all-in-one video decoding filter based on the powerful MFormats SDK.

If you are attending CABSAT in Dubai or InfoComm Connections in San Jose, CA - please let us know. We'd love seeing you there!

Download Multi-Format Source DirectShow filter

In this new Multi-Format Source filter we have:


  • Improved seeking accuracy and performance (especially for MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS files).
  • Improved stability of network streams playback.
  • Added support of MPEG-DASH streams playback.
  • Improved M-JPEG decoding speed (up to 4 times faster) by adding multithreaded decoding logic.
  • Added decoding support for line 21 closed captions: you can now play files with line 21 and output them as CEA-608 or CEA-608 wrapped into CEA-708 digital formats.


Also, there's 2 new registry keys:

  • "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Medialooks\MFormats\MFReader\network.reconnect" - if enabled, the filter tries to reconnect to the network source in case of connection problems.
  • "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Medialooks\MFormats\MFReader\network.open_async" - if enabled, the filter will open the network stream in a separate thread and display it only after a successful connection. Enable this key if you are not sure if your network source is stable and want to keep the main thread alive during connection attempts. This will also work when changing network stream sources, changing audio/video tracks and TS programmes.

You will find the full release notes here.

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